Flip this Pattern: The Roller Skate Dress (and KCWC day 4)

This month, the girls at Frances Suzanne have us all flipping the gorgeous Oliver + S Roller Skate Dress.

It is 9:30 p.m. EST and I am barely making the 11:00 p.m. CST deadline, but I made it!


This is my 3-year-old (and Rapunzel) modeling size 4T for me. It was a beautiful pattern to work with. The construction was so interesting and fun; it reminded me a lot of the Ice Cream Dress. And, because of this clever construction, I was able to make the dress reversible with a change or two.


The Fabric: The fabrics are a Black Chambray from Hart’s Fabric and a cotton lawn from Fabric.com.

The Construction: I used DMC silver metallic thread to embroider a Sashiko-inspired design on the neckline of the chambray side, in place of the facing.



To be able to make it reversible, I opted to have a ribbon closure, instead of a button with a loop.





Another problem I encountered was the casing. Since both my fabrics were so contrasting, I had a hard time figuring out what color thread to use for the casing. I finally decided to thread my machine with gray thread and sew the casing from the chambray side, while I loaded the bobbin with black thread so that the black would not show on the lawn side.


Finally, I opted to hem by using a ladder stitch that I learned on my brief foray into toy-making. This stitch seemed perfect because it let me join both seams without having my stitches show anywhere, which was just what I wanted.

It was such a fun project to work with, and I can’t wait to make it again! My five-year-old needs one, too, but that did not stop her modeling this one. I love her props 😉



Thank you, FrancesSuzanne for the motivation to work with this lovely pattern! Also, thank you Megfor putting together KCWCthat is such an inspiration every time.
And, of course, thank you to Liesl Gibson for such a fantastic pattern!

Flip This Pattern


22 thoughts on “Flip this Pattern: The Roller Skate Dress (and KCWC day 4)

  1. This is lovely and what a great idea to make it reversible. I have been toying with getting this pattern as I am so into Rae’s geranium at the moment (you’ll see lots of them on my blog!) and I think I need to branch out. Think I may try my hand at some hand embroidery too… Thanks for some inspiration!

    • Thanks, Becky!!! You will love this dress, it’s so easy but so interesting to put together, and there is so much room for making it your own. I *love* Rae’s Geranium, and I am thrilled that it now comes in bigger sizes. My five-yr-old just outgrew the pattern and I can’t wait to make another one for her. It’s such a sweet dress!

  2. Great job! I love how you made the dress reversible. I wonder if you could sew the hem by leaving an opening in the side seam like you would for a Children’s corner or Martha Pullen jumper pattern?

    • Thank you, Karen! It’s my first reversible pattern, but U find it such a fun concept. I need to make a lot of these and then packing for a trip will be so easy 😉 I am intrigued by your hem idea; I have never worked with Martha Pullen patterns, how would I go about hemming that way?

  3. I love seeing reversible clothing…..so very practical for a busy child! The dress is very, very sweet – I especially like the handstitching done on the chambray side, and that Rapunzel was rescued in time for a photoshoot :)!

    • Gals, I feel *so.very.honored* that you would comment on my blog! 🙂 thank you for your kind comments and for this fun, awesome series. The deadline provides just the right impetus to get me going and finishing things I had only dreamed about making. This challenge was so much fun! Thank you, thank you!!
      (And, yes, that Rapunzel looks like she won’t make it for much longer, doesn’t she? 😉 )

  4. Oh wow, your embroidery on front is beautiful! I love reversible dresses! I see you did the hawthorn sew along…I about to go check it out. I have the pattern but haven’t sewn it up:) thanks for swinging by earlier!

    • Thank you, Amy!! I love embroidery and I like how updated you can make it these days. It adds such a special touch 🙂
      You will love Hawthorn when you get to it. It’s a lovely pattern for a feminine, yet sophisticated look. It has not been a very difficult project, either, and the pictures at the blog make it even easier. Can’t wait to see yours when you make it!!

    • Thank you, Rachel!! I love the embroidery too, I could not resist. It is a subtle detail, especially the silver over gray, but I think it makes it special. I appreciate your comment so much!
      (I ordered some silk ribbon that has not arrived :-s so I had to use what I have in the meantime, but I love the ribbon too because it lets me give the girls something they like. My 3-yr-old loves blue, and my 5-yr-old loves pink, so they will each get their favorite color ribbon that so happens to create very good contrast with my fabric. Win-win situation!)

  5. Beautiful flip and fabric!! I love how you made this reversible but my favorite part is the Sashiko inspired embroidery…absolutely a gorgeous detail!!

  6. You did a wonderful job !!! I like your choice of thread and embroidery on the chambray side, and the ladder stitch is a great idea! Two dresses in one is very appealing 🙂

    • Thank you, Kim! I loved the embroidery too, and like what it adds to the dress–it makes it special without overpowering the simplicity of this lovely design. And it is such a cute, comfy dress too! The girls tried it in for the pictures and then did not want to take it off 🙂

  7. I love reversible dresses…more bang for your buck (or in this case time/work 🙂 Love the chambray side with the embroidery!! Beautiful!

  8. Gracias por visitar mi blog y por tu comentario. Tu vestido es hermoso!. El bordado que le hiciste es un detalle impactante, además hacerlo para que la nena lo pueda usar por ambos lados es brillante! muy buen “flip”!

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