Pattern testing: Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop’s Ringer Tee


A few months ago, I had the opportunity to test the fabulous Classic Ringer Tee Pattern by Amy from Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop. I had always dreamed of testing out a pattern and it was such a fun opportunity at a time when I was so stressed out by RL, a much needed break 🙂 Thanks, Amy!

Now, this pattern is the perfect blank canvas for any kind of customization you can dream of. I am still getting the hang of sewing for my baby boy, so my ideas immediately ran to football since it is such a big part of our family’s favorite things. We are LSU Tiger fans so I thought a classic LSU tee was in order.

Cherie from You and Mie had given me the inspiration to try and paint some fabric, and I finally got to do it for this project.


I basically just painted purple stripes, the width of my brush, all over the long sleeve pieces.


I then dunked the cuffs and neck band in the leftover paint and let it all dry, then constructed the t-shirt per the pattern instructions. It was a breeze!



Amy had a very clever way of attaching neck bands and cuffs, and the result was very nice–and very easy to make. It came together pretty quickly.

Then, I added a football appliqué with felt, lettering with transfer paper, though my transfer did not work very well with the rib knit fabric I had chosen… You live, you learn, right?



See? And, half my family got the flu that week. I was on a deadline, however, so I tried to stitch in the dark as I watched them to avoid bothering anyone, thus my stitching is less than even… Thank goodness that baby can’t tell 😉


And here is a shot of my little guy wearing it. I love how boyish and cute it turned out!

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Reading journal: Not your Mother’s Make-ahead Freezer Cookbook

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I love to read but, lately, I find myself reading less fiction and more and more about practical topics that relate to my everyday duties. Therefore, I am reading a lot of cookbooks.

My preferences in this area have changed a lot, as well. I prefer healthier cookbooks now, seasonal cookbooks, and recipes that can be easy and nourishing.

I really enjoyed Jessica Fisher’s book because she “gets” being a homemaker and having to feed a lot of people and being rushed to do it. She does it all the time as a Mom! But she also gets that, along with nourishing, you want to make food that is tasty. Her recipes seem all of them delicious, and the ones I have made have turned out fantastic. She has recipes for every cooking category that you would need to feed a family, and she goes into detail about how to prep them, store them, cook and serve them.

Along with detail cooking day plans, she has shortcuts to make meal preparation easier, which are just as valuable as the plans. I have not set up a full cooking day yet, but I have used my favorite shortcut from her: store meal components ready to go. So, if I brown beef for a meal, I save half in a dated freezer bag, and there I have more beef to pull out for pasta, or a casserole, all ready to go.

Her book is full if this kind of shortcuts, clearly explained, along with a lot of encouragement to put it all into practice. I loved this book!

I give it Five Stars.