Mid-week’s Fun Links: What’s on my browser windows?

I have been distracted by a sick child, so I am a couple of days late posting these, but here they are:

These links are open in my browser right now:

French Knot Heart Pincushion from V&Co
How to unlock creativity in your home from Steadymom
Big butt baby pants from Made by Rae
Lil cute pouches by Noodlehead
Five tips for bloggers from A Beautiful Mess


Finally, this is a shot of my eldest as she got ready one day, wearing the look I made for her back at KCWC. Since the culture of the handmade is a theme that interests me, I thought I’d share something that happened this week. My three-year-old was admiring a friend’s gorgeous pair of purple pumps, and she asked her, “Your shoes are so cute, did you make them yourself?” It was awesome! I loved it that she recognized how handmade things can be beautiful and it was the first association she made. Priceless!!

What are you making this week? Shoes, anyone? 😉


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