Tuesday Tutorial: Line your envelopes


A special detail that always looks amazing and can make a homemade card look that much more gorgeous is lining the envelope. It is a great chance to play with color, contrast, and print to enhance your creation.

This is how I do it:


Trace the top of your envelope onto your desired lining paper, making sure you make it long enough that the white of the envelope underneath will not show when it lays flat.


Now lay your lining on top, cut off the two strips where the self-adhesive glue is supposed to go, insert your lining, and fold. Make sure you get a clean, crisp line.


Time to glue your lining! A good tip here is to only apply glue to the “triangle” part. The bottom of the piece will lay flat, anyway, and if you try to glue that part in, too, you risk creating air bubbles that will not look good (ask me how I know!)


Ta-da! A beautifully-lined envelope. I made these as invitations for my daughter’s birthday party. I did not have time to make my own envelopes this time, and the plain white ones from the stores looked so sad… Enter a lovely plaid paper! I chose plaid to complement the look of Barbie’s dress (Princess Charm School’s Blair wears uniforms and dresses with plaid all through the show), and made some yellow, some hot pink to go with the image I used. They turned out great! Do you like to line your envelopes?

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